Your Legal adviser in international business transactions

Ulrike Cristina advises and represents companies in the most diverse areas of law in international business transactions. She’s adept as an expert in cross-border supply as in legal reviews and opinions.

In this field Ulrike Cristina utilises her wide knowledge of the market, the sensitivity for the different mentalities and her multi linguistic skills: often only a little detail is important to start a business relationship in a successful way.

Ulrike Cristina also brings experience in the area of the German-Italian trade and in advising commercial agents and other independent, international trade agents.

Some focal points are:

  • Consultation on international contractual law
    • Planning and implementation of general business conditions in a contract
    • Planning and support of supply contracts
  • Judicial execution recovery in Germany and Italy and enforcement
  • Support and organization for the founding of an Italian company and its administration.
  • Contractual law of commercial agents and commercial agencies offering representation throughout Europe
  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution and mediation
  • Legal professional translations: German-Italian / Italian-German or English-German